Patient Flow Simulation and Market Virtualization Forecasting

For over two decades Lexidyne has been a pioneer in the field of Patient Flow Simulation and Market Virtualization. Our simulation models provide a virtual market that tracks individual patients through their therapy journey. These holistic models integrate a wide variety of insights into a single structure and help drive accurate forecasts and meaningful strategic insights.

Our models include:

  • Line of Therapy New Patient Start Forecasts through 2050
  • Clinical State Driven Market Map Segmentation
    • Targeted Therapeutic Dynamics with Mutation and Expression
    • Comprehensive Segmentation for Label Alignment and Assessment
  • Advanced Front Line Epidemiology Assessment
  • Cross Line Cannibalization Analysis
  • Portfolio Assessment Within and Across Indications

Our models also incorporate various forms of disparate data and integrate them into one cohesive framework:

  • Top Level Epidemiology
  • Patient Level Claims and/or EMR Data
  • Syndicated Reports
  • Pivotal Trial PFS and OS
  • Primary Research

We have created 100’s of models for clients that include the majority of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies by market cap, as well as many mid-cap and smaller biotech companies. We would love to learn more about your current market simulation needs, and show your team what patient flow simulation can do for your organization. Please reach out and we can schedule a time for a capabilities presentation.

We Offer a Variety of Customized Solutions to Meet the Needs of Our Clients

Patient Flow Modeling

Patient Flow Modeling

Our proprietary simulation environment allows for highly detailed virtualizations of disease markets.

Machine Learning AI


Custom AI algorithms are seamlessly integrated into our patient flow models and data analysis to optimize insights.

Big Data


Our data analytics approach identifies demographic drivers, and integrates key metrics of dynamic behavior.

System Dynamics


Supporting analytics help to integrate multiple disciplines into an integrated and cohesive model.



Lexidyne works closely with the client team to develop innovative custom solutions that create actionable strategies.

Let Lexidyne Provide You With Unique Business Solutions and Expertise.
The Lexidyne consultants are far and away the best consultants that we have ever used. Their domain expertise, thoughtfulness and dedication made them like extended members of our analytics team.

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