Data can be extremely powerful when analyzed and visualized to create understanding and direction. The Lexidyne team helps clients format, analyze, and communicate key findings from multiple data sources. We take disparate data, convert it to a usable database format, query the data to extract useful business intelligence, and create visualizations that expose the strategic insights gained from our analyses.

We Offer a Variety of Customized Solutions to Meet the Needs of Our Clients

Patient Flow Modeling

Patient Flow Modeling

Our proprietary simulation environment allows for highly detailed virtualizations of disease markets.

Machine Learning AI


Custom AI algorithms are seamlessly integrated into our patient flow models and data analysis to optimize insights.

Big Data


Our data analytics approach identifies demographic drivers, and integrates key metrics of dynamic behavior.

System Dynamics


Supporting analytics help to integrate multiple disciplines into an integrated and cohesive model.



Lexidyne works closely with the client team to develop innovative custom solutions that create actionable strategies.

Let Lexidyne Provide You With Unique Business Solutions and Expertise.
The team at Lexidyne includes some of the most knowledgeable, experienced, and capable system dynamics people you can find anywhere.

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